Drug Charges

Marijuana Grow-Op Charges

Marijuana Grow-Op Charges- Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers

Over the last decade there has been a considerable shift in public attitudes and opinions towards marijuana and related drug charges. The Canadian Medical Association estimates that 1.5 million Canadians smoke marijuana recreationally and the CMA has spoken out in favour of decriminalization. Politicians at the highest levels have acknowledged past use of the substance. A growing body of opinion supports its use in a medical context. Police response towards the drug now varies widely in different parts of the country. Given the rapidly changing legal landscape, the importance of retaining an experienced grow-op lawyer has never been more critical.

Drug Charges Carry Serious Consequences
Despite these shifts in both public and political opinion, drug charges relating to the possession of marijuana currently remains a criminal offence in Canada. Any criminal conviction on drug offences can have serious consequences. These include social stigma, restrictions on your ability to travel to the United States or other jurisdictions outside Canada, deportation for non-Canadian citizens including individuals on a student or work visa, delays or denial of Canadian citizenship for landed immigrants, and being precluded from obtaining a professional license to work in certain fields. Further, beyond simple possession, the penalties for production or for trafficking in marijuana can be extremely severe and these activities are frequently the subject of intensive enforcement actions by police.

Dealing with Marijuana Grow-op Drug Charges
If you have been the subject of a drug arrest or charged with one or more marijuana-related drug offences, the grow-op lawyers at our firm can help you fully understand the charges being brought against you, the courses of action and legal defences available to you and the most prudent course of action to take in the circumstances of your particular case.

If you have been charged with or are being investigated marijuana grow-op charges and want to know the options available to you, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation as soon as possible.

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