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Criminal Harassment

Criminal Harassment- Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers

Criminal harassment, often referred to as stalking, includes behaviour such as repeatedly following a person from place to place, repeatedly contacting a person directly or indirectly, watching a person’s house or place of employment and/or engaging in threatening conduct directed at a person or members of their family. Criminal harassment when done using the internet also includes the offences of cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

The Elements of a Criminal Harassment Charge
To prove criminal harassment charges in court, the Crown prosecutor must prove several essential elements beyond a reasonable doubt, including (1) the accused engaged in one or more of the acts listed above, (2) the complainant was harassed, (3) the accused knew the complainant was harassed, or was reckless or willfully blind to this fact, (4) the accused’s conduct caused the complainant to fear for his or her safety or the safety of anyone know to them and (5) the complainant’s fear, in all the circumstances, was reasonable. If the prosecutor fails to prove any of these things beyond a reasonable doubt, the accused must be found not guilty. Our Surrey criminal lawyers will challenge the Crown’s case on as many of these elements as possible.

Surrey Criminal Harassment Lawyers
Given the complexity of this offence, there may be a number of defences available to you if you have been charged with criminal harassment. The criminal harrassment lawyers at Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers, Surrey criminal lawyers, have extensive experience in defending clients against criminal harassment charges.

To discuss your criminal harassment charges with one of our lawyers, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation as soon as possible.

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