The Impact of Legal Marijuana on Impaired Driving Charges

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Currently section 253(1) of the Criminal Code prohibits driving under the influence of any drug including marijuana. Penalties for drug impaired driving range from a $1000 fine to 120 days in jail. Currently roadside police rely mostly on general observations of an individuals mental state, appearance and the presence of any smell of marijuana to …

What are the consequences of criminal conviction?

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consequences of criminal conviction in Surrey and Vancouver, BC

If jail time is served following a conviction on criminal charges there are a number of losses you may experience – the most obvious one being a loss of personal freedom. Jail time can also mean a loss of income during that period, as well as the lost opportunity to develop in your personal and …

Vancouver Criminal Lawyers Resolving charges outside court – What is diversion and how does it work?

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Diversion is a process in our justice system which recognizes that people make mistakes and, depending on the circumstances, deserve a second chance. When someone is charged with a criminal offence, they have often simply fallen into difficult times, had a momentary lapse of judgement, or acted on impulsiveness. Diversion gives these people a chance to turn …

Canadian Prostitution Laws
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Canadian Prostitution Laws – News1130 Interview

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Canadian Prostitution Laws Vancouver Criminal Lawyer, Michael Shapray of Stern Albert Shapray, Surrey Criminal Lawyers, speaks on News1130 about Canadian Prostitution Laws – the background and the effect of the Conservative Government’s new legislation. Given the large volume of explicit ads for sexual services found in Lower Mainland print publications, many people in Surrey, Vancouver and …