Driving While Prohibited

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If you operate a motor vehicle while you have been prohibited from doing so by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles or the Court, you may be charged with driving while prohibited under the Motor Vehicle Act or driving while disqualified under the Criminal Code. Each of these offences carries a mandatory minimum penalty of a $500 fine and a one-year driving prohibition for a first conviction. If you have a previous conviction for one of these offences on your record, you may also face a mandatory 14-day jail sentence along with an increased fine and lengthier driving prohibition if convicted again.

The offences of driving while prohibited and driving while disqualified are very technical and there are many defences available. With the massive increase in 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibitions there has been a corresponding increase in the number of driving while prohibited charges. The prohibited driving lawyers at Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers have had great success in having these charges dismissed or reduced to minor tickets.

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