Return of Seized Items

Vancouver & Surrey Criminal Defence Lawyers

It is not unusual for the police to seize money or other property when arresting or investigating someone for an offence. When items are seized solely for investigational or evidentiary purposes, those items are typically returned to the person at the end of the investigation or court proceedings. However, where the police seize money or property that is alleged to be the proceeds of crime, it can be extremely difficult to secure the return of those items.

The criminal lawyers at Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers, Surrey criminal lawyers, we will work to show you have a legitimate claim to the items seized and put forth great effort to have those items returned. Wherever appropriate, we will challenge the basis on which the police and Crown counsel are attempting to hold the items, even if it requires an application to the court.

Securing the return of seized items can often take some time. We will therefore keep you up to date on the status of your seized items and try to give you a timeline with respect to when your money or property might be returned.

If you are looking to have seized items returned, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation.