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Testimonials for Emily Delaney

"To Emily and all those who assisted from Stern Shapray. We want to thank you all for your hard work and determination. We are truly appreciative of the positive outcome. [Client] will not be able to begin the rest of his life and for that we are grateful!"
R. v. B [2020]
"It was a pleasure having Emily represent us on our case. Dealing with legal matters is a stressful situation and Emily was very patient and supportive from start to finish with all of our questions and concerns. We received a favourable outcome for our case which I believe it was thanks to Emily's hard work on our behalf."
R. v. G.G. [2022]
Thank you. If ever anything comes up I will reach out. Again, thank you for guidance and skill throughout the last (almost) two years! All the best to you as well.
R. v E.P. [2022]