Theft, Fraud Charges, and Property Offences

In the case of theft and fraud charges or investigations, you are advised to consult with a theft lawyer or fraud lawyer as soon as possible. Police investigations often continue for long periods of time and authorities may try to speak with you to gather additional evidence to build their case. By retaining a criminal lawyer at an early stage, you will have the benefit of legal representation from the outset. By understanding your legal rights, you may be able to avoid inadvertently providing the police or Crown Counsel evidence they intend to use against you.

The theft lawyers at Stern Shapray, Criminal Lawyers have had great success in having first time shoplifters diverted out of the criminal justice system thereby completely avoiding a criminal record. Read some examples of recent cases in which our criminal lawyers successfully obtained acquittals for clients charged with various theft, fraud, and property offences.

Charges falling under this category range from fairly minor offences, such as shoplifting (generally charged as theft under $5000), to more serious offences, including those listed below: